[TAS] Jojo's Bizarre Adventure - Vanilla Ice


[TAS] Jojo's Bizarre Adventure - Vanilla Ice

As requested, Vanilla Ice won the last poll with 10 votes. Vanilla Ice is pretty difficult to learn to me. Alot of the combos done here require more precise timing than any other character. Its like this guy is meant for TASing. Hope you enjoy the destruction I lay down on the CPUs and make sure you answer the poll in the top right corner of the video for the next character.
I wanna do Devo next but the poll is who should do next by popular demands.

TAS Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list...

Platform: Arcade
Game: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
Character: Vanilla Ice
Player: DarkLuigi
Mode: Story
Difficulty: 8
Frames: 35060
Rerecord Count: 4028



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