[MKWii] DK's Snowboard Cross 1:44.198 (TAS)


[MKWii] DK's Snowboard Cross 1:44.198 (TAS)

Tool-Assisted Speedrun by me.
WR by the time this vid was uploaded: 01:49.322 - いけだゲイかいちょう

Almost 2 faster than my previous TAS, still improvable though, just notice the difference between lap 2 and lap 3 :/

1st lap was good, only problem was that I hadn't found the SC strat I do in the 2nd and 3rd lap when I was racing it, which made me lost a bit of time.

2nd lap was overally bad, there weren't big mistakes on it, I just made everything a bit slower. Maybe the worst things were the wheelie after the SC (I did it like that cause I was landing in a bad angle and that strat is pure luck, also it was the first time I suceed at that strat). Also the ending launch wasnt really good, although I was able to do that kind of ending.

3rd lap was great in my opinion. Got a fast jump before the 2 low tricks that saved a little, then SC was really good. 3rd lap was also faster because I didn't need to chain wheelie at the beggining of the lap like I did in the other 2 laps.

This is my last DKSC TAS for now, I'll retry it maybe one day but not yet, 1.43.4 / .5 can be done though.

Also new speedometer 😛 (made it very fast)

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