F-ZERO GX: Mute City - Sonic Oval - 0'11"245 【TAS】


F-ZERO GX: Mute City - Sonic Oval - 0'11"245 【TAS】

WOOH! This took way too long to create! This TAS consists of about 115 hours of work with approximately 60000 re-records. I think it's safe to say that this TAS is by far the greatest and most tedious TAS I have ever created. I'm filled with a feeling of euphoria by the end result, and I hope you find this enjoyable to watch!

I'm not going to elaborate too much in detail of the TAS, because you can read through all of that in the TAS topic at FZC:

By the way, just for fun, I decided to make a public vote on which machine people thought would be used for this TAS. Out of the seven machines available to vote on, Fat Shark was the only machine to get zero votes, lol. Remember to always bet on the machine that utilizes the most expensive drug.

Link to vote: http://www.strawpoll.me/4089970/r

Ranking by votes (at the time of upload):

1.12 votes - Omega Gantlet-V2
2. 6 votes - Blue Falcon
3. 4 votes - Omega Condor-V2
4. 3 votes - Black Bull
5. 3 votes - Maximum Dragon
6. 3 votes - Omega Wyvern-V2
7. 0 votes - Fat Shark

- INFO -

Time: 0'11"245
Laps: [05"851 + 02"770 + 02"624]
Machine: Fat Shark
Max Speed: 15713 km/h
Settings: Max Acceleration (Shaking/Snaking)

Shaking Category Restrictions:
*No Checkpoint Skip (Lap Skip) Shenanigans
*No HSSA (Hyper Speed Side Attacks)

NGC/Wii Emulator: Dolphin V4.0-4480 (64-bit)
ISO: NTSC-U version of F-ZERO GX
Video: Dumped with Dolphin
*Res@FPS: RGB 852x480p@59.94FPS
Audio: Recorded from Nintendo Wii
*(running in GameCube mode)
Console Verified: ✓

AR Code(s):
"No Music" by Jay007 (PAL)

♪BGM: Super Monkey Ball 2 - World 8 - Clock Tower


F-ZERO GX TAS Video Playlist:


Don't know what a TAS (Tool-Assisted Speedrun/Superplay) is?

TASes are created with an emulator that supports specific tools, such as frame-by-frame speed, save states, and other additions that allows you to optimize the play as much as possible. Obviously, these aren't meant to be compared to real-time records, but it's rather a demonstration of what a game looks like when it's pushed close to its limits.


Real-time WR for Snaking
24"586 - [10"453 + 07"215 + 06"918] by Mad Andy

Real-time WR for Max Speed
37"148 [15"352 + 12"443 + 09"353] by Mtthew

Real-time WR for Legacy Max Speed:
38"662 - [17"963 + 11"998 + 08"701] by Brave



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