[TAS] Jojo's Bizarre Adventure - Joseph Joestar


[TAS] Jojo's Bizarre Adventure - Joseph Joestar

Time for a Low Tier Character to show off what he's really made of! Joseph Joestar was chosen from the poll and now he's showing off his moves in battle! He's also like the weirdest grappler character I've seen so far. His ways of getting close are limited and his moves are quite slow in general and compared to others.

Also, I discover an exploit with Joseph Joestar's Tandem (Custom Combo). You can do this only if you press an attack button PERFECTLY timed at the end of the previous move. At 4:24 shows it off.

Remember to vote who's next in the poll at the top right of the video!

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Game: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
Platform: Arcade
Character: Joseph Joestar
Player: DarkLuigi
Difficulty: 8
Frames: 43256
Re-record Count: 3458
Mode: Story



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