[TAS] DK: King of Swing Jungle Jams TAS


[TAS] DK: King of Swing Jungle Jams TAS

The goals of this TAS were pretty simple. For the races (and obstacle races), the goal was optimizing for time. I initially wanted to use the Wrinkly strat seen in Obstacle Race 3 also in Obstacle Race 1, but it turned out to be slower in 1, but faster in 3 than using Funky. The goal for Attack Battles was simply to avoid letting any opponents get a single point, not necessarily to optimize my own score. For Barrel Blast, I wanted to win without grabbing the pegboard at all. Luckily you unlock K. Rool when you do, as he is the only character that can reach the second row from the ground. The goal for color capture was to still win while starting as late as possible.

I could go into more detailed comments, but I don't care to right now. Enjoy!



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