マリオパーティ2 (TAS): Perfect Peach in Horror Land! (20 Rounds)


マリオパーティ2 (TAS): Perfect Peach in Horror Land! (20 Rounds)

Mario Party 2 - Tool-Assisted Speedrun/Superplay
Japanese NTSC-J Version! ⇒ 日本版のマリオパーティ2
Nintendo 64 ⇒ ニンテンドー64

This video is a TAS of the course "Horror Land" in Mario Party 2.
That video i made just for entertaining category, because i noticed that those TASes are much better than speedruns. (That isn't a speedrun.) I used Peach, because she is with Mario&Luigi my favourite charakter in Mario Party 1,2, and 3. (^_^)

Feel free to say your true feedback, whether that TAS was good or bad. I respect every optition. And improving tips for what i can do better next time. Are always welcome. =)
(I know that kind of questions are already annoying in school =D! Sorry for that.)

But let me know, if you wanna see more stuff like that. =)
I'm ready for doing more in future.

Please enjoy this 48 minutes video of Horror Land and subscribe if you liked it.

A very big special thanks to "ReneBalow" for encoded the entire run.
His channel: → http://youtube.com/user/ReneBalow

Mario Party 2
Player: DennisBalow
Version: Japanese
Rerecords: Short over 11k
CPU Difficulty: Hard

You can follow me here if you want to. =)
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DennisBalow
Livestream: http://www.twitch.tv/DennisBalow

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