[TAS] Celeste "All C Sides" 4:19.556 *Old*


[TAS] Celeste "All C Sides" 4:19.556 *Old*

Created by DevilSquirrel. Took some time to finish up All C Sides and get it released before we release the updated Any% TAS. Enjoy.
Updated version here https://youtu.be/G6h-0UUvNJ8
Forsaken City: 21.556 in 1469 frames
Old Site: 21.675 in 1533 frames
Celestial Resort: 18.836 in 1379 frames
Golden Ridge: 26.996 in 1798 frames
Mirror Temple: 21.862 in 1505 frames
Reflection: 29.750 in 1986 frames
Summit: 45.577 in 3056 frames
Core: 50.711 in 3360 frames



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