[MKWii] A TAS/TAF Compilation! #1


[MKWii] A TAS/TAF Compilation! #1

The description for this video is very important as I have a lot to explain.
First of all, the reason the title says #1 a song opposed to #5 is because back when I made all my other tas/taf compilations, i only had tafs in there as I wasn’t sure what they both meant. This was because I had only started the game around two months since I mad enough that video. So please don’t ask about why it’s #1 in the comments. I’ve changed all the other titles of the other compilations to just taf moments as opposed to tas/taf.
Secondly, the reason I haven’t been active recently is because I’ve been even extremely busy recently but I will try to upload to the best of my ability. Ive also been making a tas on 300cc atm and that’s also taking up a lot of time.
Lastly, I have a question to you. I’m finding it hard coming up with ideas to upload so if you have ave any ideas for me or you want me to continue any previous series, please put them in the comments.

If you’ve read all the way down here, you’re a God!

Thanks a lot to Marmon San for the fan art, it really made my day when he sent it to me

🎶 music 🎶: Laszlo - Fall to light

Share the video please (: https://youtu.be/S33mnDaXp9c

Here are all the TASers in the video, big thanks to all of them:
-TAS Snoop
-Ejay B
-Flamin’ Funky
-RS Extreme
-Cyan MK
-MK Flame Runner

I remember when I only had 4 people in a compilation, I was bad back then...



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