Sonic Adventure 2: Battle (TAS) - Final Rush M3 - 1:04.84 (WR)


Sonic Adventure 2: Battle (TAS) - Final Rush M3 - 1:04.84 (WR)

I'm not dead! Thanks http://www.youtube.com/itspersonnal for his M1 TAS file so I could compare.

Sorry everyone for being inactive for a loooooong while. There was a problem that came up disallowing me from doing anything (something crazy happened to my computer and it wouldn't start for weeks, which happened before my school year ended). When I wasn't doing anything I started to lose interest in playing games... I became more focused on school and sports and friends and family. Then my computer got fixed and I was just all "meh..." so I didn't use it, then the summer came, and A LOT of things have happened and changed.

I'll reach out all the time, even if I can't post things. Unfortunately now my summer is over and I have to go back to school, so I'm actually going to be occupied. And thanks to everyone who subscribed/has stayed subscribed, it means something to me that you waited.

60fps download:



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