[TAS,No-Playback] Electric Cave [Minecraft] (6:18.16)


[TAS,No-Playback] Electric Cave [Minecraft] (6:18.16)

(Shitty) Minecraft TAS- Discord for questions n stuff: https://discord.gg/jGhNxpd

No playback means, the inputs are not played back like in an emulator, it's basically a speedrun by me, but it's tool assisted and therefore banned from the leaderboards

This is a Tool Assisted Speedrun. For more information visit https://wikipedia.org/wiki/Speedrun

Or https://tasvideos.org

How did you do that?

I slowed the game down with a minecraft mod called "Tickrate Changer" to 1/10 of the actual game time. Everything is slowed down ingame except for mouse movement, enchanting glimmer and the achievement message in the top right... I recorded the map and sped the video footage up 10 times, so thats why mouse movement & crafting is so fast.

Savestates are done with saving and quitting. When you copy the world files, you get an exact copy of your world. There are mods and plugins which do the same thing, but they are kinda slow to use... Saving and quitting take approximately 5-20 seconds

Oh yeah and the clips are then cut together in an editing program

(And yes I made many mistakes, don't take it too seriously)

Savestates: 43
Rerecords: 43 used clips + 203 unused clips = 246

Completed in 6min 18s 160ms (6:18.16)

There is no RTA speedrun yet
Map: Electric Cave built by: rymdnisse, uddahumor, mabravoti, PsychopuncherTrailer

Map download: https://tinyurl.com/y9nfcwow

Rescourcepacks with the crazy translations:

Mods I used:

Tickrate Changer by Guichaguri:



And now: MUSIC

Stephen Walking - Hey

Carlos Eine (Insaneintherainmusic) - Coconut Mall Jazz Arrangement

I'm not earning any money with these video... Since this is claimed, I want to support the artist and spread their music!

If any Label has a problem with this video, write it in the comments or dm me and this video will be taken down!



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