[TAS] Dustforce - Tera Difficult SS 17.766 (Dustman)


[TAS] Dustforce - Tera Difficult SS 17.766 (Dustman)

ayyy exactly .5 seconds improved over the first attempt! And it's sub 18.

Fixed up movement and attack timings, pretty much. Kinda ashamed to say that I was apparently dash canceling everything 2 or 3 frames too late in the first attempt :V

Other than that, only "big" change was actually using the slope before the 5-prism climb, letting me fastfall much earlier at the slight expense of putting me a bit further to the right before being able to dash left.

Gut feeling tells me a low 17 is possible, but any further improvements aren't particularly obvious to me atm. Will likely be working on a Dustworth run next.

Made with: http://dustkid.com/composer.php
Replay at: http://dustkid.com/replay/-7342647/sh...



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