[Updated] Any% No Wrong Warp TAS ~ Child Section [WIP]


[Updated] Any% No Wrong Warp TAS ~ Child Section [WIP]

Before I address the TAS itself, I'll answer the obvious questions:

Why two hearts?
•It is a byproduct of the Rice video plugin, which is needed to make GIM (Get Items Manipulation) work. I have no idea why it happens, but it doesn't affect anything. I still have 3 hearts and take damage normally.

Why are the light rays in Temple of Time solid white?
•Same reason.

Why do you waste so much time after vine clipping with the skulltula?
•To get the dive cancel glitch (required to perform GIM) you have to wait until a certain amount of time has passed after link goes out of bounds, and there is no way to speed this up. There is time to kill so I had a little ~fun~ deal with it.

I began this TAS at the beginning of 2016 and finished the child section originally in February. After losing motivation, Skater found a new method for GIM which inspired me to redo the TAS, and it ended up saving a lot of time. If you are familiar with the category Any% No Wrong Warp, you are probably used to seeing a different, much shorter route in the child section. The child section for this category involves getting sword, going to Deku Tree for bottle and light arrows, skipping Kakariko, and heading to Temple of Time.

This is the last WIP I will upload, so the next time you see this TAS it will be finished (unless you watch me TAS live on my stream.)

master sword time (RTA timing) - 10:29.12

previous master sword time - 11:32.52

Total time saved - 1:03.40



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