Majora's Mask TAS Competition: Task 10


Majora's Mask TAS Competition: Task 10

This was very late due to participation. For about 3 weeks after the deadline, I did not even have enough entrants to make a video. Because of this, I will be stopping the competition here unless I believe there is more interest at a later time. To see all of the compilation videos, go here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list...

This is task 10 of the Majora's Mask TAS competition. Once again, just 4 entrants. There was variety in strategies as I had hoped, but I think this task in particular would have been improved had there been more entrants.

More info on this competition can be found here http://www.speedrun.com/mm/thread/5ywn9

Task 10: Enter the interior of Ancient Castle of Ikana through the main entrance. Kill 3 big skulltulas and 2 blue bubbles. The eye switches in the first room should be active when you enter. No other progress in the castle should have been made. Goron mask is banned

Results for Task 10.
Name, Time [rerecords]
4. omgatree6, 72.966 [1058]
3. TheTasMaster, 43.483 [2659]
2. CycloneFN, 40.566 [468]
1. Eumeus14, 32.25 [3446]

song: Leslie Wai - Paradigm

These are tool-assisted, meaning savestates are used and the game is played with frame advance or slowed down with an emulator. For more info, visit http://tasvideos.org/



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