MM: All Masks with Goron Missile [TAS]


MM: All Masks with Goron Missile [TAS]

Go away Uniburst, you smell

This idea behind this run is that before the start of the run, I used cheats to give myself Goron mask and put hookshot on Goron's B button. This lets me use Goron missile anywhere I want, opening up a completely different way of playing the game.

I also decided not to use wrong exit or indexwarp during this run. This is because it lets me show off more cool Goron missile tricks.

The main goal of this run isn't perfect optimization, the goal is to show off the kinds of things that are possible with Goron missile (especially what's possible in TAS) as well as to show what a run would look like if we could use Goron missile freely.

Frame count: 495363
Rerecords: 26987
Run time (RTA): 2:05:40.10



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