[TAS] GC Super Mario Sunshine by zelpikukirby & Goldfire in 1:08:32.58


[TAS] GC Super Mario Sunshine by zelpikukirby & Goldfire in 1:08:32.58

This is a tool-assisted speedrun. For more information, see http://tasvideos.org/3731M.html. TAS originally published on 2018-06-18.

In the highly anticipated sequel to the critically acclaimed Super Mario 64, Mario and Peach are taking a much-deserved vacation from the so often troublesome Mushroom Kingdom. Only, they quickly find out that there is trouble amuck at their island destination. A culprit has coated the world with goop and paint. Even worse, according to the locals he just happens to look like Mario. Mistaken for the true offender, Mario's would-be vacation instead turns out to be another day on the job as he is convicted of the villain's crimes and is ordered to clean up the world with a water-spewing device that straps to his back, which just happens to add a whole new layer of depth to the usual platforming action.

Here, zelpikukirby & Goldfire use tools to show just how nimble the famed plumber can be. Focusing on revenge rather than reparation, they bring the perpetrator to justice after collecting only 43 shine sprites, leaving plenty of time for Mario and his friends to indulge in the rest and relaxation they originally set out to enjoy. Note: This run is known to have a sync dependent on both hardware, and graphic settings. If you are having trouble playing back the emulator movie (DTM file), we recommend you watch one of the pre-made encodes instead.



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