F-ZERO GX Sand Ocean - Lateral Shift (0'43"745) 【TAS】


F-ZERO GX Sand Ocean - Lateral Shift (0'43"745) 【TAS】

-NEW- 60fps version(!):
http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm19600644 (Nicovideo account)
http://nicoviewer.net/sm19600644 (Non-account)

Huge thanks to CosmoCortney, who actually recorded and edited the video.
If you're interested in F-Zero GX, make sure to take a visit to his channel:

TAS = Tool-Assisted Speedrun

There is not any hacking or cheating involved in this run. Perfect inputs, frame-by-frame speed and save state/re-recording were used to make a demonstration of how the game would look like when it's pushed near to its limits. It's not meant to be compared to any real-time records.

GCN/Wii Emulator: Dolphin r7376 (32-bit)
ISO: NTSC-U Version of F-Zero GX
Gamespeed: NTSC 60Hz
Re-Records: o__o
(Two whole vecation weeks of work needed to make it)
It was by the way, made back in the middle of July.

Time: 0'43"745
Splits: 21"970 + 11"367 + 10"408
Machine: Fat Shark
Engine Settings: 100% Max Speed

Pretty funny how the TAS managed to over-lap the Non-TAS WR once, and the Staff Ghost twice!

-Non-TAS World Records-

"100% Max Speed" settings:
1'02"480 by CGN:

"Snaking" settings:
1'02"928 by CGN



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