[HD] TAS: Sonic Adventure 2 - Pumpkin Hill Mission 5 in 00:18.42


[HD] TAS: Sonic Adventure 2 - Pumpkin Hill Mission 5 in 00:18.42

Played on Dolphin version 4.0-4222.
Re-records: 1856.
Inputs by me and IDGeek121.

Non-TAS World Record is 00:21.37 by Chainchumper

I finally finished my first serious TAS run of IL, which is Pumpkin Hill Mission 5. To be honest, I tried to choose the easiest mission because I just started to learn it.
I failed with my choice. This mission was much more difficult than I thought it can be because fly tech is actually very complicated in this game.
Anyway, I originally wanted it to complete the stage, matching Chainchumper's times for each segments in his IL. Second piece gave me a lot of trouble, so I had to test a lot of movement stuff and check which speed values it gonna lead to and I'm really happy about final results.
Shoutouts to IDGeek, who worked on this with me and brought a bunch of new ideas. He made this run a lot better in short time.
Also, much thanks to THC98 for helping me to figure out how Dolphin works and for generally being a nice person.



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