Project M - TAS Practice (Lazy TAS)


Project M - TAS Practice (Lazy TAS)


Me apologising is getting old but there's nothing I can do about it. So yeah, I'm really sorry that my content has been lacking. This is due to all the problems and stress that I'm going through. Poverty is one of them but I'm also going through a lot of things that render me from doing content. It's even affecting me mentally that I may just quit my whole online status.

But please, don't worry. I'm doing my best to stay strong and get through my terrible 4 year crisis. All I ask in return is for your moral support.

You're free to support me financially on PayPal or Patreon but please DON'T let it be a mandatory thing. I'm happy that you're here liking and commenting on my videos.

(PayPal and Patreon links are on my channel page.)

Anyway, please enjoy this lazy TAS and try to wait patiently for my next TAS video!~

[Project M LXP]

This is me practicing some TAS stuff and me half-ass'ing it. (Being lazy, lol.)

I'm just uploading this as a little tease and to show some friends a sneak peak.

I'll also be using LXP as my base now so I may TAS some of the PSA's that LXP has. 😀

(No, I will not make a Ridley TAS... maybe, ssshh.)
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