[MKWii-TAS] Bowser's Castle - 2'02''483


[MKWii-TAS] Bowser's Castle - 2'02''483

ATTN: This is a tool-assisted speedrun (TAS). I used slowdown, savestates and a TAS-input. The time will not count on any real rankings of course ;).

BKT cut [-00'02''206] (former BKT by RemyInTheSky - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K4l_Iz...)

Lap 1 - 40''999
Lap 2 - 40''768
Lap 3 - 40''716

Music: pastyle X IZMIZM - A Null Set (izna Remix) - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6XrW-2...

First of all, I like to thank all of my subscribers for the incredible support! You are awesome :)! It's been a long time since i uploaded my last video, so I'm glad to be back.

After watching the result I'm pretty proud of this run. It took me about 60+ hours to finish and some parts of it took me years to handle. Lap 1 is the strongest in my opinion, because I had to race against my ghost over and over (10 times) to get the 40''999 first lap and to frameperfectly dodge the thwomp and get the RFHA on the last ramp during the shrooming time. But after racing lap 2 and 3 I realized, that an up-trick is a bit faster than a left-trick at the entrance of the half-pipe section. I also could have got 5 tricks off the geyser ramps at the end, but it's much slower than just doing 3 and get more wheelie-time. At the beginning ramp, I found a new strat, where I did an early down-trick and hit the side of the ramp, which pushes you forward (like on TF and CM)(saves about .1). Hopping after the second zipper at the halfpipe section gives you a tighter turn (saves about .05).
To lap 2 there is not much to say, it's good/decent. I thought about a 1-2-0 strat, to dodge the thwomp lap 2+3, but I don't think it's faster (not even sure if it's possible to dodge thwomp lap 3 :D).
You might have seen the weird strat at the first zipper at the halfpipe section in lap 3. Looks weird but saves about .001 :D. At the part after the last ramp I did a different strat than in lap 1 and 2, not slower but probably a bit faster. You have to get bounces to get a tight turn though.

I'll probably go back to this track in a few months, to get a 2'01''xxx, but for now, I'm done with it.

I really hope you enjoyed the video, because it was really hard to finish some things (especially the first ramp strat ;)!



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