Street Fighter 2 Turbo Revival - Shin Akuma TAS


Street Fighter 2 Turbo Revival - Shin Akuma TAS

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Game: Street Fighter 2 Turbo Revival
Plataform: Game Boy Advanced (GBA)
Character: Shin Akuma/Gouki
Level: 8
Starting a new year with a new video and a new game 😀
Yeah,it's the first time playing this game so enjoy with this master of characters,Shin Akuma/Gouki is the most combist character that I see I'm really happy to finished this,this game end at Shin Akuma x Shin Akuma fight,I don't know what happen but I see that is a conflict bug that when Akuma x Akuma or Shin x Shin are choosed x CPU the game crashes with the image of Akuma wins not more to say,enjoy it and see you guys.



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