[TAS] Hazard Course in 1:32,669s


[TAS] Hazard Course in 1:32,669s

This TAS makes heavy use of save warping to complete the hazard course as quickly as possible. It's done on the WON version of Half-Life (100 fps, uncapped bhop).

Slowmo version with HUDs: https://youtu.be/Wzj6Qam6xOs

Hazard Course TAS without save warping by Matherunner: https://youtu.be/Tizvp20A_Ug

Save warping is a trick based on changelevel delay. I will try to explain it briefly here. However, the trick is very difficult to understand if you aren't familiar with the GoldSource engine, and would best be explained in a video format, and hey, wait there's an in-depth video explanation of everything related to save warping now: https://youtu.be/bpr0aTxHFco

When you touch a trigger that takes you to the next map (a changelevel trigger), the trigger doesn't activate instantly, but is instead delayed to the next frame. By using the "wait" console command we can further delay the trigger activation. During this time we can move around the map and thus manipulate where we appear on the next level. This is called changelevel delay.

We can load a save after delaying a changelevel trigger. This opens up more possibilities for manipulating our resulting position on the next map and is also usually plainly faster than walking back through the level. This is called save warping. Note that if you load a save from a different map than the one we touched the changelevel trigger on and let the changelevel trigger activate there, the game gets confused and in most cases you end up being unable to move.

By making clever use of the save and load functionality we can delay multiple changelevel triggers at once, creating a queue of some sort. Then, by loading a correct save and letting the triggers activate, we can load the maps in the correct order and continue playing. This effectively allows to manipulate the position using all maps before the one with the trigger, and not just the map with the trigger.

Used framerates:
- 100 FPS - obviously.
- 90.90909... FPS - for a very very slight, but nevertheless "501 FPS slowdown".

Pick your quality:
- 1080p100 - https://mega.nz/#!lFBWjIBL!XTP0HCIa-3...
- 4K100 ("You won't be able to watch this"-quality) - https://mega.nz/#!1RAFRbAY!IFuOShueos...

All videos were encoded with H.264 (19 CRF) and Opus (192 kbps).

Script: https://mega.nz/#!FIpzzLYA!G3qnKfpdK2...

There's little support for save warping in the TAS tools, so this script will probably desync for you. After I improve the support I will update this script.

The script was made on the latest Steam engine with WON DLLs.

Done on Windows on this BunnymodXT: https://github.com/YaLTeR/BunnymodXT/...

Captured with a modified HLAE version specifically for TAS live capturing: https://github.com/YaLTeR/advancedfx/...
Edited and encoded with ffmpeg, VirtualDub and AviSynth+.



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