Super Mario 64 TAS by Swordless Link & AKA (15:08)


Super Mario 64 TAS by Swordless Link & AKA (15:08)

Courtesy of http://tasvideos.org/

A tool-assisted speedrun made by me and AKA (known as Mitjitsu on youtube). This run beats the game in a mere time of 15:08, beating the older run by 16 seconds. This improvement was due to a new route being used, as well as many optimisations on the parts that were previously included.

Anyone else may upload this video, provided none of the disclaimers are removed. Anyone who knows of someone that violates these procedures, please contact myself or AKA.

This run was made on an emulator, with slow speeds, frame-by-frame shooting, and re-recordings. It is not meant to show skill, but rather the game pushed to its limits, because it is purely a form of entertainment.



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