Bhop_toc TAS


Bhop_toc TAS

My first bhop tas, I think I did well. Sorry for the motion blur, I had it set to 90 degrees but it still felt high. I didn't want to re-render it again because it took 4 hours for this render. Oh well.

I also wanted to start off with an easy-ish map. This was the easiest map I had downloaded.

Recording: Program used: Geforce Experience Framerate: Simulated 960 (60 @ 16x Slo-Mo [.06125]) Resolution: 2560x1080 Bitrate: 50 Mbps

Rendering: Program used: Hitfilm Express Framerate: 60 Resolution: 2560x1080 Codec: h.264 (.mp4) Bitrate: 50(T)-75(M) Mbps (Variable 1 Pass) Plugins used: Motion Blur: Shutter Angle: 90° Samples: 16 Window Size: 200 Sigma: 1.10 Iterations: 1 Downsamples: 16 Start Sample: 1
I'm sure someone will find this interesting/useful.



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