[MKWii-TAS] N64 Sherbet Land - 2'02''815 (glitch?)


[MKWii-TAS] N64 Sherbet Land - 2'02''815 (glitch?)

ATTN: This is a tool-assisted speedrun. The time will not count on any real rankings.

TAS BKT cut [00'00''873]
(Previous TAS wr by Ltx87: http://www.youtube.com/user/ltx87)

Lap 1 - 41''036
Lap 2 - 40''873
Lap 3 - 40''906

The run was decent. I believe that this run can be easily improved by .5. Some of you said , that Baby Daisy is the best character for this course, but I was too lazy to redo the whole lap 1.

New shortcut saves about .25 seconds each lap.

Hope you enjoyed! Stay tuned for a SL olympics in the future!



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