TAS (PC) Jenka's Nightmare (Any% & No Damage)


TAS (PC) Jenka's Nightmare (Any% & No Damage)

After Original Cave Story next to the Jenka's Nightmare.

Modding by "ZarroTsu" Full Version is (Completed)

I remake better a bit faster and improve but few mistake for all time a stupid freeze and some crash a very diffculty control and my mind.

No new game "plus". Because TAS rules a never load game or any cheats/hack. Because always start a new game and speedrun.

Why "Any%" for?
Because you can collect item: increase max Life pack and many different increase max ammo pack, other Item stuff and secret.

Four type increase max ammo pack are: Missile, Bubbler, Snake and Machine Gun. (Same like Metriod or something?)

However: It cannot increase "Missile ammo pack" after upgraded the "Super Missile Launcher".
So be careful a make sure set Normal Missile Launcher can increase max missile ammo pack have left.

Expert boss so much harder at challenge speedrun for fastest dps and without any take damage.

Best DPS:
Blade (Lv2): Hit 2 time each 9 damage (Total 18 damage) and every hit a close combat (0-2 range).

Great DPS:
Super Missile Launcher (Lv3): Very limit ammo have 6 without any upgrade. 3*14+ AoE damage but some miss (Total 42 AoE damage or more) but 2 shot at time this screen and long range.
AoE = Area of Effect

Nice DPS:
Machine Gun (Lv3): Fast shot per 8 damage and long range but ammo have 40 and slow recharge.
Effect: Hover/Fly can face down shot can go float up a bit per shot.
When used Booster v2.0 (double jump) can shoot any direction a bit move per shot.

Good DPS:
Polar Star (Lv3): 4 damage per hit but limit 2 shot at time this screen and medium range. (Start weapon)

Fireball (Lv3): 4 damage per hit but limit 4 shot at time this screen, short range and bounce ball. (After Polar Star is dropped)
DPS = Damage Per Second

v (NOTE) v
Good Ending: After beated Jenka's Nightmare and go to Sand Zone for where Jenka's House (Middle Map) and see what happen and when Quote is out by Evil Doctor. Then can now play Curly Brace a Final Mission.

Bad Ending: If you agree with Curly and Balrog are leave the Float Island but Misery and Jenka are not save and they will die.

Final Stage: 1:01:47
Final Boss: 1:04:30
Time Attack is '5;32.8' on Final Stage but don't have Nikumaru Counter.
Ending: 1:08:04



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