TRT tas video #3: Custom Robo Arena speedrun Day1 part1


TRT tas video #3: Custom Robo Arena speedrun Day1 part1

This is a TAS speedrun. It is meant to show a game pushed to its limits.

I have decided to take Custom Robo Arena for a little TAS speed run. Pulling off monster combos with the power of TAS could be pretty fun to do.

The very first battle (in the dream) is the only battle where I try to lose as fast as possible in order to leave the dream sequence. Since the Jameson's "spin" attack deals most damage, I try to manipulate for that to happen. The lava helped my cause as well.

Day 1 is full of dialogue. Too much for my taste, but hey, its the introduction. Luckily there is less dialogue as the game progresses. And things are going to speed up as well.

The first real battle is a joke though. 3 combos did the job.

Stay tuned for more parts to this speed run.




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