PM TAS of the Week - Episode 10


PM TAS of the Week - Episode 10

I'm on holiday this week so this is something I quickly did where i challenged myself to try to do standard Popo stuff but as nana, swapping the roles. This is done using PNT (perfect nana throws) to override nanas usual throw AI, which is a frame perfect input each time.

At the ledge i do what is seemingly a sortofnew way to do a PNT. Usually if you input a pummel for a PNT, then the throw after the pummel will be the AIs usual throw, but apparently if you backdash 7 frames before this AI throw then it will again override the throw with a throw in the direction of the dash (this is solely a dash backwards, if you do something after the dash backwards but before nana does the throw, then the AI throw will takeover again, so there is something very wierd going on here). This is basically just a PNT again, but more restricted to only forward/backthrow.
I found this while making the tas and got distracted by it so did the throws across the stage thing.

Sorry for ICs for two weeks in a row, but hopefully its still cool.




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