[TAS] Borderlands 2 - 100% Playthrough Episode 10: Frostburn Canyon


[TAS] Borderlands 2 - 100% Playthrough Episode 10: Frostburn Canyon


This isn't a TAS (tool-assisted superplay) in the usual sense. I'm using Cheat Engine to play at 25% speed, which qualifies as a tool, but I don't have access to typical TAS features such as savestates, re-records, memory searching, etc.
There is no sound either because of how the audio behaves when altering the game's speed.
Just listen to whatever you want while watching this.

This will be a full 100% playthrough of Borderlands 2 in which I will complete everything that can be completed in solo, that is every main and side mission across all three difficulties as well as the vast majority of challenges. I will also open every existing chest at least once, typically as part of exploring a map upon first entering it.

In this lengthy tenth episode, I complete a bunch of side missions.

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