Factorio Any% TAS (v0.16.51) - World First! - 2:05:31


Factorio Any% TAS (v0.16.51) - World First! - 2:05:31

World's first Factorio any% tool-assisted speed-run (TAS). Inspired by AntiElitz, Rain9441, TAS mods by YourNameHere/Bilka and the steelaxe% TAS run by Xpert85, this vanilla single-player speed run goes from nothing to satellite launch in 2:05:31. This beats the current world record set by AntiElitz by over 50 minutes! Well he's only human 😉

There is plenty of room for improvement for this run in the any% TAS category, as this build uses a default options strategy. But seeing as how it took me 3 months and 350 in-game hours to make this one, I'm ready to let this run stand for a while.

The only mod allowed in this category is the mod that controls the player, and it must enforce vanilla rules. My mod, which takes the form of a scenario so you can run it, can be found here:


The map is the same seed used by AntiElitz and Rain9441 in their any% speed runs:

>>>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<<< You can find links to their runs and their Twitch channels here: https://www.speedrun.com/Factorio

The mods that helped inspire me and guide me on this journey can be found here:


And the steelaxe% run by Xpert85 is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o8mHg...



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