PM TAS of the Week - Episode 11


PM TAS of the Week - Episode 11

Both Ikes here are controlled by the same inputs. This uses a bug to do with training mode that makes player twos inputs control both player 1 and player 2 if player 2 is the one to go into training mode. (the start of this tas is to demonstrate this)

The kill at the end is using knockback addition to kill off the side since the upb causes enough hitstun and makes the horizontal decay of the knockback much smaller since much more vertical knockback is having to decay (knockback decays at a set rate, so if theres more vertical knockback then the vertical component decays much faster than the horizontal component)

(i tried to make a switch to the models to Ike Climbers after making this but it ruins the loadtimes so desyncs the tas, oops)




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