TAS (GBA) BomberMan Tournament (No Damage & 100%)


TAS (GBA) BomberMan Tournament (No Damage & 100%)

Found all Karaboms (25)
Found all Armor: Vest & Boots (4)
Silver Vest: Reduction Damage by 25%.
Golden Vest: Reduction Damage by 50%.
Silver Boots: Speed Level 2.
Golden Boots: Speed Level 3.
Found all PowerUp: Bombs (3) Fire (3) Hidden Extra Heart (3)
Found all Crystal in the Dungeon.
Have all Type Bombs.
Auto reward after beat boss max heart (4)

Note: Golden Boots is Speed Level 3 better than Pommy Animal (#18) is Speed Level 5. (Cannot speed stack from Boots)

FireKong (#25) for use Remote Bomb for easily beat enemy, block way or boss.

TAS (GBA) Bomberman Jetters (JAP): Upload Completed.



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