[TAS] Project M: All 1P Events Debug% in 14:59.62


[TAS] Project M: All 1P Events Debug% in 14:59.62

This TAS is 10 minutes, 41 seconds faster than the current World Record in All-events of PM, and is 49.71 seconds faster than DyllonStej's previous TAS of all-events (which didn't use Debug mode).

All events in this TAS (With the exception of #7, which crashes on Hard for some reason) were run on Hard Mode.

This TAS uses Project M's debug mode, which along with giving the ability to frame advance in-game and view hitboxes, also gives the ability to change character mid-game, which opens up opportunities to speed up runs.

Load-times seem to be sortof wierd so if you only count times inside of events and subtract purposefully added load-time from selecting characters, then this TAS should in theory be 51.88 seconds faster than Dyllon, since all other time lost wasnt under my control.

Here is a spreadsheet logging times in each event, time lost to loading chars and comparing to the WR and Dyllons TAS: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/...


If you are interested in speedrunning (or TASing) Project M or any smash game for that matter, join the discord: https://discord.gg/8vcDcpr


Event 17's music was muted through memory-editting since this music that is played during that event is copyrighted. This was done during the recording of the final TAS and luckily does not cause any form of desync.


I did this mainly because I was inspired by Dyllonstej's current efforts in doing all of Subspace Emissary using debug mode to optimise them. I had the idea that i could change char in events to speed them up, and since its during the start of the game there is no* punishment. This swap doesnt work during the match at all, it just instantly fails the game.

*Swapping during the "ready" has 0 punishment on time, but has a restriction on what chars you can get to dependent on how far away from the char you are in the char swap option, as well as how long it takes to load that specific character. Swapping before the game starts doesnt have a restriction on the char loaded, but this load time is added onto the total time taken to load into the match.

Since I borrowed Dyllons original save-file that he used for all-events, this still has the inefficiency of seeing the "You Unlocked Event 41" popup, and event times can definitely be improved with better rng manip and strats.


This was mainly done as a challenge to myself to learn how to use Dolphins native TAS features, as well as to better understand how single-player TASing works.

I learnt right at the end of the TAS that I could have optimised my loading times chars using debug modes frame advance tools during the "ready" screen.

(Skipping over event 35 at first was in attempts to improve on my RNG, but it didn't fix it so i was unable to beat Dyllons original TASes god RNG for that event)




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