SSBM Break The Targets [TAS]: Yoshi [6.95] [ex-WR]


SSBM Break The Targets [TAS]: Yoshi [6.95] [ex-WR]

Please read the description 🙂

This video was quickly usurped by AJP Anton, who hit 6.92: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yuLCg...

Not to be deterred, I took back the record even quicker. 6.90: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJr2Q...

NOTE: running the slo-mo part at 2x speed shows you what the run looks like from the default camera view.

This run is 2 frames faster than AJP Anton's old record, which he set in 2007 (!) using an Action Replay (!!) and Melee's debug mode (!!!)

(Just to put that into perspective, this record had stood since before I joined the competitive Smash community)

The optimizations are:
* the ECB manipulation dair autocancel at the start of the run, which gets Yoshi actionable on the upper level 1 frame faster
* perfectly spacing the nair on target 7 to delay hitting until the weak hit (which has 1 less frame of hitlag) becomes active

Also note that the action states displayed are 1 frame later than they would appear in debug mode.



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