SilentSlayers' TAS Competition Task 1 Compilation


SilentSlayers' TAS Competition Task 1 Compilation


Task 1:
Select star 1 of Whomp's Fortress. Ground pound on top of every sign EXCEPT ONE of your choice in Whomp's Fortress, then collect the Blast Away The Wall star. The sign near the blue coin switch counts as TWO signs because it's so isolated. So, if you collect the blue coin sign, you may ignore two signs.
Failure to achieve the said requirements results in 0 points.

1st: Tboysk8ter2 (827) 27"57
2nd: Grokken (851) 28"37
3rd: Blaze (851) 28"37
4th: Nahoc (854) 28"47
5th: sonicpacker (883) 29"43
6th: SilentSlayers (904) 30"13
7th: Mr_Roberts_Z (921) 30"7
8th: Phuzbal (938) 31"27
9th: ThMrksman (1099) 36"63
10th: Thodoris2424 (1250) 41"67

These are tool-assisted; savestates are used and the game is slowed down using an emulator. For more information, visit http://TASvideos.org/

Want to participate ? Click here : http://sm64.org/forum/viewtopic.php?i...



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