Minecraft TAS : Legendary Super Hostile (21:03) [Remastered]


Minecraft TAS : Legendary Super Hostile (21:03) [Remastered]

Fixed a LOT of mistakes.
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Run Details :
- 330 Segments
- At least 150+ GB in recordings (Estimation)
- 100+ hours of work
- Thousands of segment attempts overall
- Weeks of routing
- Months of running
- Thousands of fails
- 10+ hours of testing strat ideas
- 2 Massive Redoes (Lost about 2 weeks of effort each)
- The list goes on and on!

-5555 views 1/28/17
-6666 views 5/26/18

- I love making these types of videos for Youtube and I hope you guys are enjoying them! But there has been one major downside in producing speedruns like this, time. This TAS has been the second most time-consuming thing I have done in any video game. Only topped by another project that I've still yet to finish. I wish I could upload more but real life has been a huge hindrance. That is why I ask for your support. If you can, please consider supporting me via Patreon so I can continue producing these types of videos for you guys. Thank you!

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NOTE: This is a remastered upload of my Jul 18, 2016 Legendary TAS


Absolute Psychopath's Run: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=op3Ek...

Cubi's Run: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g3a0e...


Music -
0:35 - ♪Pirate101 Soundtrack- Marleybone Armada Combat

2:49 - ♪Pirate101 Soundtrack- Marleybone Combat Theme

4:47 - ♪Pirate101 Soundtrack- Broadside Combat Theme

6:55 - ♪Wizard101 Soundtrack- Aquila Boss Combat Theme

8:36 - ♪Wizard101- Khrysalis Starfall Sea Theme

10:35 - ♪Wizard101- Dragonspyre Main Theme

12:34 - ♪Wizard101- Aquila Epic Combat Theme

14:40 - ♪Wizard101 Soundtrack- Dragonspyre Theme 1

16:11 - ♪Pirate101 Soundtrack- Marleybone BeachHead Theme

18:05 - ♪Pirate101 Soundtrack - Marleybone Skyway Theme

20:01 - ♪Super Smash Bros Soundtrack - Title Screen


The original video was riddled with so many mistakes that I had to make a remastered version.

Minor Note: I honestly have no idea what's causing the audio glitch at 8:36. Premiere shows that there is literally nothing there. I tried to fix it but nothing has worked! This is my 3rd-time re-rendering and re-uploading the video.



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