[TAS] Tekken 3 "Paul" by Spikestuff in 11"55


[TAS] Tekken 3 "Paul" by Spikestuff in 11"55

Right for context.
Firstly this TAS was submitted April Fools 2017 on TASVideos (http://tasvideos.org/5446S.html) with the full intention of it being rejected.

People like to continue on and on saying that Paul is the fastest character out of all the characters in Tekken 3 which I've proved with Yoshimitsu that it's not the case. Paul is the second fastest character with Gun Jack coming in third.

Paul's speedy move is the Burning Death Fist which clocks in at 63 frames a round if executed perfectly. Being that there are 11 Fights that have to be done (when 1 round is set) that will make the frame time of 693. For comparison sake, Yoshimitsu's Suicide takes 48 frames clocking in a total of 528 frames and Gun Jack rears closely behind Paul with the move Dark Greeting at 66 frames (3 frames slower a round) making his frame time 726.

Hopefully in the near future I will be bringing over my other April Fools submissions for Tekken 3 for at least an encode to be provided for everyone else to see. (As well as an extra bonus).

If this is surprisingly ever uploaded to nicovideo or offsite of YouTube please make a note to not mirror the video back to YouTube.

If this goes to another site that isn't mainly English please do translate the description I provided. Information about the rerecord count aswell as the version of BizHawk is within the submission.



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