[29.1 seconds] Banned from Club Penguin | TAS | WR


[29.1 seconds] Banned from Club Penguin | TAS | WR

Source code available at https://github.com/keyeh/bannedfromcl...

I'm following the official rules.

Time starts the moment you make your first input in your incognito web browser. (in this case, as soon as the browser is responsive from cold start)

Make the account, make a temporary email, login, get banned.

Time ends when the orange window pops up telling you that your penguin account has been banned.

No bookmarks, clean clipboard, no autofill from already visiting the site, no preexisting email. Play as if you just installed the browser.

== What it do ==
t+0 to t+3 seconds:
Create new penguin - Get CSRF tokens, break the captcha, randomly generate name, email, password, and submit everything to the server.
Open new tab with the game at the login screen.

t+4 seconds:
Navigate to activation page, fill in the penguin name.

t+4 to t+13 seconds
Human manually solves the captcha while waiting for activation email to arrive.

t+13 seconds
Got an email, read it, extract the activation code, fill it in the form and submit. Wait for next page.

Blink and you'll miss it. Accepts the terms of use/privacy policy and submits the form.

t+14 to end
Same as human, just faster.



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