"Tokyo Afterschool Summoners" Promotion Video Vol.2 (housamo, T.A.S.)


"Tokyo Afterschool Summoners" Promotion Video Vol.2 (housamo, T.A.S.)

"Tokyo Afterschool Summoners (housamo, T.A.S.)" is a smartphones(iOS & Android) application game for LGBT From Lifewonders LCC.

At the end of last century, Tokyo is encounter portals connecting to 23 other worlds, Ordinaries and common sense has collapsed. Then 15 years passed, childrens became high school students. The Story is Bigining From a certain school in Tokyo, Shinjuku!

Lots of Berserker Congregate in the Underground fighting ground Names "Ikebukuro Berserkers ". Ruler's Coming to "Roppongi Tycoons". Believer Garthering "Aoyama Missioner"… Beyond the boundaries of a different world, The 'Transfer Student" is here and formed a "Guild"!

Beyond the boundaries of Gender, Species, and world. Get the Cards and combine in any combination. Select the Chacter Who You Love. And

Let’s run through this 'myths collide' servival game, And fight with your LOVER and your PARTNERS!




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