'In the starting gate' with Lauren Perry (TAS)


'In the starting gate' with Lauren Perry (TAS)

Lauren is a member of the Australian team for the 2014 UCI Junior Track World Championships in Korea.

2014 UCI Junior Track Worlds -- Korea

The endurance team features six returning 2013 team members, including three reigning world champions in Lauren Perry (TAS), Sam Welsford (WA) and Callum Scotson (SA). 2013 World Championship medallists Macey Stewart (TAS) and Josie Talbot (NSW) have also been named.

2013 UCI Road World Championship bronze medallist Alexandra Manly (SA) and team mate Daniel Fitter (QLD) have earned their first national track team berths following superb performances at the 2014 Subaru Cycling Australia Track National Championships in Adelaide.

South Australia's Alex Porter (SA) and Danielle McKinnirey (SA) plus James Robinson (TAS) complete the 10-member endurance team.

The sprint team features four debutants, highlighted by the Victorian duo of Braeden Dean and Courtney Field, who between them claimed six gold medals at the National Championships. Joining them will be fellow Victorian Jay Castles and Queensland's Sheridan Spark.
TRACK ENDURANCE (5 men, 5 women) Callum Scotson (SA) Alex Porter (SA) Daniel Fitter (QLD) Sam Welsford (WA) James Robinson (TAS) Macey Stewart (TAS) Lauren Perry (TAS) Alexandra Manly (SA) Danielle McKinnirey (SA) Josie Talbot (NSW)

SPRINT: (2 men, 2 women) Braeden Dean (VIC) Jay Castles (VIC) Courtney Field (VIC) Sheridan Spark (QLD)

Note - Jack Edwards (NSW) Was selected but subsequently withdrew.



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