[TAS] Celeste "Any%" 25:41.747


[TAS] Celeste "Any%" 25:41.747

Tool Assisted Speedrun created by DevilSquirrel, KDT, and Kilaye. The third pass of optimizations is done! Didn't find quite as much timesave as the previous pass, which was expected. Still cleaned up quite a bit and saved nearly 20 seconds off the last one. The chapters are getting quite optimized now. Hope you enjoy the Any% TAS!

Also thanks to Angrevol, Benteezy, Breakdown, and Buhbai for coming up with strats to test out.

Credits, Basic Tech Info, and Optimization Times can be viewed here https://pastebin.com/yD5eAkKQ

Tools can be found here: https://github.com/ShootMe/CelesteTAS



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