BFDIA 5b 8,259,552,490% Speedrun (0.000/09.276) TAS/LC


BFDIA 5b 8,259,552,490% Speedrun (0.000/09.276) TAS/LC

I don't even know what counts anymore.

0.000 is by game time (i know is 0.000 and not 0.049 or 0.099 because the time is stored as the integer number of milliseconds, which was configured in flash shared cache).

9.276 is from first game-start to level selection after 'completion'.

Speed challenge score is NaN (better or worse than -440?).

TAS/LC stands for tool assisted and literally cheating.

Changed record for completed level to 42,94,967,295 , which is about 8 trillion percent of 52.
See: "Minimal deaths to complete level 42,94,967,295:"

High Press Energy Super Aniki Edition - MMZX Tunes



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