[TAS] NES Conan: The Mysteries of Time by klmz in 04:59.77


[TAS] NES Conan: The Mysteries of Time by klmz in 04:59.77

This is a tool-assisted speedrun. For more information, see http://tasvideos.org/3765M.html. TAS originally published on 2018-08-11.

Conan: The Mysteries of Time is a side-scrolling action video game for the Nintendo Entertainment System released in 1991. It was developed and published by Mindscape. While it features the Conan the Barbarian character, it is a simple adaptation of a computer game called Myth: History in the Making, which was developed by System 3.

In this single player, side-scrolling, platform game you control Conan, on a quest, ordained by the Gods, to destroy various mythological creatures, under the control of the sinister Dameron.



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