[TAS] SADX - Super Sonic Story in 4:48


[TAS] SADX - Super Sonic Story in 4:48

This is a tool assisted speedrun (TAS), which means a speedrun using savestates, slowdowns and frame advances in an emulator to get a theoricaly perfect run.

Thanks to R3FR4G for his help, I did the hub world until the cart part and he did the rest, including Perfect Chaos. Also thanks to THC98 for his help with TAS stuff.

If you are wondering why the real time for this TAS is slower than the actual classic speedrun WR for this category, it is because the PC version of this game runs faster than gamecube version and also has better load... so yeah.

----- About the TAS:
- Game: Sonic Adventure DX (NTSC-U)
- Author: Sora, R3FR4G
- Emulator used: Dolphin 4.0-422
- Completes Super Sonic's Story
- Aims for fastest real time

Final time (according to the frames and without loading times): 3:44.91
Final time (according to the frames with loading times): 4:48

Final time if it was done in a classic speedrun (without loading times): 3:07.02
final time if it was done in a classic speedrun (with loading times): 3:44.91.

----- Tricks used in this movie:
-Full speed spindashes: THC98 foud that alternating between the buttons B and X while spindashing to break the previous spindash is faster.
-Perfect Hits: It's a trick which allow you to skip the animation to climb Perfect Chaos during a hit, this trick saves a second on 1 hit so 6 seconds if all are done.
► Twitter: https://twitter.com/Sora_Yxow
► Twitch : https://www.twitch.tv/sora_yx



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