Abe's Oddysee (PSX) 100% TAS in 1:09:23.73 by Dooty


Abe's Oddysee (PSX) 100% TAS in 1:09:23.73 by Dooty

That's me. My name is Abe.

Every nook and cranny of Oddworld is explored in this run as Dooty saves all 99 Mudokons working at Rupture Farms. Unfortunately, due to an emulation error, Abe can't use Shrykull's power at the end (the emulator locks up when it's used there), so the Glukkon board of directors survives.

The movie is slightly shorter than it should be due to another emulation error. All FMVs (except the intros and ending, which were manually fixed) play back much faster than they should, causing screen transitions to be slightly faster. The actual gameplay is the right speed.

Recorded with PCSX-RR v0.1.3a. CD-ROM used: SLUS00190 (NTSC).

This is the updated and finalized version.

Author's commentary: http://tasvideos.org/3128S.html

For more information, visit TASVideos: http://tasvideos.org/



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