[TAS] Celeste "Any%" 26:01.348 *Old*


[TAS] Celeste "Any%" 26:01.348 *Old*

Created by DevilSquirrel, KDT, and Kilaye. The new and improved Any% TAS is finally here!
Link to updated TAS https://youtu.be/PJHGnoxfU_w
We spent quite a bit of time going back over all the chapters and optimizing them the best we could from the previous version.

The comparison of times to the old version can be found here https://pastebin.com/dxPzCCLJ

Prologue: DevilSquirrel
Prologue 2nd Pass: DevilSquirrel

Forsaken City: DevilSquirrel (Used Kilaye's TAS as a guide)
Forsaken City 2nd Pass: DevilSquirrel and Kilaye

Old Site: DevilSquirrel (Used KDT's TAS as a guide, ending by Kilaye)
Old Site 2nd Pass: DevilSquirrel

Celestial Resort: KDT
Celestial Resort 2nd Pass: KDT and Kilaye

Golden Ridge: KDT
Golden Ridge 2nd Pass: KDT and DevilSquirrel

Mirror Temple: KDT
Mirror Temple 2nd Pass: KDT, Kilaye, and DevilSquirrel

Reflection: KDT (Start by DevilSquirrel)
Reflection 2nd Pass: Kilaye

Summit: DevilSquirrel
Summit 2nd Pass: DevilSquirrel



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