[MKWii TAS] - Dry Dry Ruins - 1:40.219 (Bowser Bike) by TASPlasma and Gisbert


[MKWii TAS] - Dry Dry Ruins - 1:40.219 (Bowser Bike) by TASPlasma and Gisbert

What, were you expecting an April Fools joke or something?

TAS BKT Cut [-0:00.771]
Previous BKT by MKGumba https://youtu.be/GHNOtSwYy2s

Second Collab 3lap TAS. We spent a total of around 100 hours. I can't remember what stuff Gisbert did in the run, because we both attempted most of the strats (I did all of the wall glitches), but only one person's attempt at the strat ended up in the run. I do remember that Gisbert did about 1/4 of the run though.
Despite all of that time spent, 1:39 should be possible, with a few strat changes.

"Why did you do x strat at y timecode?"
Because fuck you, and it was faster.

"Why did you turn in your wheelie at z timecode?"
Because QM/Tire Positioning/Human RNG is a thing (look it up, I have explained it too many times).

"OMG LOL Kill urself, ur run sucks even though I know nothing about this game lol #YOLO, why do you still make runs when you are so bad?"
^Likely question from the more cancerous members of the PP.
A: Go fuck yourself.

Probably done with this game.

Gisbert is definitely done with this game.

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