[TAS] Arcade Violent Storm "2 Player" in 12:08.64


[TAS] Arcade Violent Storm "2 Player" in 12:08.64

This is to finished tool-assisted speedrun Arcade with MAME.
I first Rerecords Hold F2 Fix Eeprom OK, But is Bug Eeprom BAD.
And also 2 Player Control of Speed Run to Dash now Jump!
So.. I forgot, a coin common! Just Coin Independent.

Frame 0: hold f2 Checking Eeprom
Difficulty Level: Hardest
Controller Used: 2 Player

Emulator Used: Mame-RR 0.139-v0.1 beta
Frames: 43125
Rerecords: 4081

Record Movie: https://sta.sh/029drm2vv8q8

#TAS #fixf2frame0 #MAME #Violentstorm #Arcade



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