Ras Tas Tas Full HD, by Cali Flow Latino (Salsa Choke) - Carolina B


Ras Tas Tas Full HD, by Cali Flow Latino (Salsa Choke) - Carolina B

I was OBSESSED with this Salsa Choke at the moment I first heard and danced to it. Beto Perez taught it at his Master Class at the LA ZIN™ Academy 2015, and the rest is story 😉 This is not his choreo, but I definitely got a lot of inspiration from another one of his amazing choreography. I recorded this video before I ever taught this song, so I am a little nervous as the moves are still new to me. I hope you guys like it anyways!

Filmed at DeCarlo Fitness, Belmar NJ - http://www.decarlofitness.com

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NOTE: I do not own the copyrights to the audio/song. This video is solely for inspirational and
artistic purposes.

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brought so many good things to my life, such as health, friends, and many good times.

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Ras Tas Tas Full HD, by Cali Flow Latino (Salsa Choke) - Carolina B




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