[Mario Kart Wii TAS] Dry Dry Ruins 1:39.711 |Spear


[Mario Kart Wii TAS] Dry Dry Ruins 1:39.711 |Spear

So yeah, turns out Spear is faster nonetheless it's bad handling.

Former BKT by TASPlasma & Gisbert: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jLJk6... (cut - 0.508)
(former spear bkt time cut 1:40.990 (-1,279)

Minor new strat finds: (0:30 & 1:01) breaking the wheelie with a drift in the air few frames before landing and wheelie 1 frame before landing gives immediately 96 km/h and you don't have to do a luck wheelie that would make you go 95km/h for some frames (also works with Bowser Bike)

last ramp trick was a bit higher so i have still boost left to take the last shroomless sandhop more on the left cause that's faster for whatever reason

(0:17 lap 1) At the straight part after the first shroomspot i had to get this not very straight angle driving into the ruins cause otherwise i would have gone too much to the right/ left or didn't get a stick at the part where it goes uphill a bit

(0:37 lap 1) At the second shroomspot i had to get more air so the shroom lasts long enough that the boost from it just goes down at the curve so i can take a tighter turn

(0:32, 1:04, 1:38 RFHA ramp strat) I thought it wasn't possible to get this low like with Bowser Bike but i guess i were wrong, it's actuallye curve allowing me a tighter turn.
also the sc looks pretty bouncy but i couldn't get it any faster after trying for several hours and it should be pretty optimized anyway.

some minor things could maybe be improved like:
(0:49 lap 2) little bounce, don't know if there is a line that doesn't makes you bounce a bit and that was the best i got

(0:51 lap 2): landing after the pillar, i didn't get a immediate 120km/h but unfortunately i did not realize it until i had nearly half lap 3 finished and didn't wanted to redo so much for such a tiny timesave

(0:58 lap 2) strat for this laps turn looks weird but also didn't get any faster results after trying for some hours

(1:15 lap 3) Sandhop is different than lap 1 sandhop cause:
1. it's extremely difficult to do and i couldn't get it to work again
2. i'm not sure if lap 1 sandhop even is faster, but i think they are pretty equally

(1:29 lap 3) maybe a longer/higher wall glitch, but also once again, this is the fastest i got

(1:35 lap 3) There can be a better line so you don't go as much to the right, but i got an awesome rfha at the ramp with perfect landing that got me a bit faster to 98km/h so i couldn't improve it anymore

Yes, .6 is possible, maybe even .5 but that must be omptimized as hell or a new strat found is needed

Music: PeriTune - Desert [Desert Music] is under a Creative Commons license (CC-BY)
Music provided by BreakingCopyright: https://youtu.be/VvIRa4ebWzU



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