Metroid Zero Mission 100%TAS Part 1


Metroid Zero Mission 100%TAS Part 1

This is the first part, out of nine (no not 10 as I said, first part was 22 seconds only so I fused it with the second part) where I collect all items in Metroid Zero Mission.

This is my first ever TAS for Metroid Zero Mission. In the beginning I do some mistakes, like remorphing after 2 tiles, whereas it only is necesarry after 4. Another big mistake is when I enter the Varia Suit preroom, after the bugs chew those 2 crystal things, I run into the wall for like 25-30 frames. This is me abusing the turbo button too long.

- Played at 15% speed
- Used a rerecording featuring emulator for the Visual Boy Advance. (Instead of ending and restarting the recording for each time you load a state, this emulator does it per automatic for you. Saving several hours.)
- Kraid gets kkpwnt.
- Did this while searching for motivation for my SMetroid TAS.
- 1 second = 60 frames



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